Welcome to the Melbourne Latvian Society School ‘Daugava’! 

The main aim of the School is to introduce children to the country of their origin, Latvia. We do this through Latvian dancing, singing, folklore and religious education activities. We also provide instruction, both formal and informal, in written and spoken Latvian language. We hope that our students will so gain an understanding of, and a respect for, their own heritage and the land of their forefathers. We hope too that they will gain all the benefits of bilingualism and will grow into more valuable members of our society. The School is situated in Elwood. The School caters for students from prep through to year eight. The School enjoys a close relationship with the Melbourne Latvian Secondary School, with which it shares the premises.

There have always been variations in the language ability of students. In recent years the gap in
language proficiency of students has widened due largely to Latvian not being the primary language spoken in an increasing number of households. This trend has been partly offset by the enrolment of students from recent Latvian emigré families, where Latvian is the dominant household language. The School recognises that the school activities and curriculum must be tailored to this greater variability in Latvian language proficiency

The school is a branch of the Melbourne Latvian Society, a member of Community Schools Victoria, and a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development accredited language school. As such, we receive government funding and are required to maintain specific school administration and teaching standards.

Further information regarding our School can be found in our Parent’s Handbook available here, or see our ‘Contact Us’ page